Bright Minded: Live with Miley Cyrus: Self Care Episode – Episode 12

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Today was selfcare day on BRIGHT MINDED: Live With Miley. Kicking off the show was Miley’s esthetician and facialist for over 8 years, Biba DeSousa, who walked viewers through at-home DIY face treatments and toners during quarantine. Using common household products – such as salt, honey, water, olive oil, and oats – Biba said these simple treatments will keep your skin fresh and hydrated. She also explained misconceptions around mainstream skincare products and stressed the importance of keeping up with cleansing and UV protection while at home.

James Kaliardos, Miley’s makeup artist of 10 years, jumped on next. The two talked about the benefits of adaptability and recognizing how to change your plans based on the way you feel. They also discussed creating iconic looks, spot concealing, and multi-use products. But most importantly, before you start experimenting with makeup during quarantine, WASH YOUR HANDS!

Miley and celebrity manicurist Steph Stone then showed viewers how to do at-home manicures. Steph’s tutorial utilized a nail technique that can be used in multiple different ways, and they demonstrated three styles – clouds, animal print, and floral.

Celebrity hair colorist Justin Anderson and reality star Kristin Cavalerri joined Miley to talk about hair care. Miley discussed cutting her own hair, and the trials and tribulations of experimenting alone at home. Justin reiterated the importance of letting your hair breathe – let your roots grow, let your hair dry naturally, do leave-in treatments, etc.

Supermodel and founder of Kora Organics, Miranda Kerr, explained how she’s been relying on simple techniques – bright t-shirts, letting in natural light, opening the windows, and using essential oils – to help her through this time. The two bonded over the power of music, and Miranda told her how she turned on her family’s favorite Miley song, “We Can’t Stop” and “danced it out.” They also discussed keeping routines in order to maintain a sense of normalcy. Starting tomorrow, Miranda will be doing #WellnessWednesday from her channel, which she said was inspired by Miley’s Bright Minded.

The episode closed with supermodel Ashley Graham. Ashley talked about what she’s doing to stay bright minded, which included a 20-hour road trip with her husband, mother, and newborn; they traveled from New York to Nebraska (where she’s from) to quarantine in a location that allowed for more space both mentally and physically. She also emphasized the power of affirmations, and the importance of being mindful of what you are absorbing – it is your job to tell yourself who you are, not the world around you. She believes that if you start changing your words and changing your mind, things will start changing in front of you.

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