The Global Herald is an entirely online newspaper set up in 2009 to present news in a new format.

The Global Herald provides a variety of high quality news and commentary from around the world, delivering balance through plurality.

News, Sports & Entertainment

As well as news, sports and entertainment content, likely to be of broad appeal, is also sourced, usually direct from producers.

For example, NFL content is from the official NFL channel, with added context and commentary provided in The Global Herald by editors and visitors (through the comments section).

Lifestyle content, including how to DIY tips, and recipes, are also published here.

Multiple High Quality – Trusted – Sources

News is sourced from many outlets, and published under “News Tags” which are populated using machine learning, and assisted by a human editorial team.

News is aggregated, but also context is added, where relevant through the use of machine learning and human editors. For example, state-funded news outlets are included, but the source of funding will be mentioned alongside this content.

Experts, Academics & Leaders

Some content is also commissioned directly from experts, academics and leaders in their respective fields.

Comments Policy

Comments may be left on news items, subject to editorial review before publication. Comments must add value, be relevant to the subject at hand, and avoid ad hominem attacks on others, in order to be published; this creates a space where comments can improve and enhance the content published.


The Global Herald is entirely owned and operated by Silicon Dales Ltd, and is independent of all other established media groups.

Silicon Dales Ltd is a Registered Company in England & Wales | Company Number: 7324510.