Ohio State Buckeyes could have FANS INSIDE STADIUM this year | Nothing Personal with David Samson

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Today’s word is ‘sex dolls’ as in a South Korean soccer team was fined for having sex dolls in the stands as fans. What?!? Colleges are going to have big problems this year with what to do with students and what to do with sports. Ohio State AD Gene Smith said he thinks Ohio State could have a plan for the stadium to be at 20% capacity. Will that work? So You Wanna Talk To Samson!? Someone asked me if owners are truly struggling and need the players to take an additional haircut, is there any way to get the players to believe them outside of opening the books and showing them. MLBeard Challenge Day 67: Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation. Review – Fiddler: A Miracle of Miracles. University of Kentucky has fired its head cheerleading coach Jomo Thompson and his ENTIRE staff for rule violations caused by the cheerleaders… will he be out of a job for long or will Kentucky hire him back? #waittosee


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