Police officers injured as Brixton party ends in violence

More than a dozen police officers have been injured during violent clashes in Brixton after a large “music event” got out of control.

Footage on social media showed a number of police vehicles being smashed and officers chased during clashes with a large crowd near the Angell Town estate.

Bottles were being thrown at officers as the authorities were chased from the area.

Home Secretary Priti Patel has described the events in Brixton as “utterly vile scenes” after the Metropolitan Police confirmed 15 officers were injured.

“These are utterly vile scenes,” Ms Patel tweeted.

“Just last weekend, the whole country came together to praise our heroic police officers for putting their own lives on the line to keep us safe.

“I’ll be picking up with the Met Commissioner immediately.”

One woman described the scene as “disgusting and sickening”. She tweeted: “They are out of control and you want to continue to ease lockdown? How were they allowed to have a BLOCK PARTY that had hundreds of people and it didn’t get locked off?”

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