O’Toole opposes Conservative MP’s bill on sex-selective abortion, says he’s “pro-choice”

Global News published this video item, entitled “O’Toole opposes Conservative MP’s bill on sex-selective abortion, says he’s “pro-choice”” – below is their description.

Conservative Leader of Canada Erin O’Toole said on Monday that he opposes and will personally vote against a bill put forth by one of his part’s MPs, Cathay Wagantall, that seeks to restrict abortion access on the basis of sex.

He said he was a “pro-choice MP” and was elected with that stance. But he added there was “freedom of speech” for backbench MPs. When asked if he will direct his shadow cabinet to vote against the bill, O’Toole said “there will be no law passed that will restrict the rights of Canadians.”

O’Toole was elected leader after campaigning that he would not whip votes on moral issues and could face criticism should he choose to do so on this bill.

Wagantall said that she respected O’Toole’s decision to vote against her bill, saying she appreciates that members of the party can present bills as they should be put forward and that they can debate them within the caucus.

The bill put forward by Wagantall came after a poll conducted on the issue, of which 84 per cent of Canadian adults polled in the survey said that they think abortion should be illegal for families that do not want their baby to be a certain sex. If passed, the onus would be on medical practitioners to determine why the woman is having an abortion, but pro-choice activists say this would cause a barrier for women and transgender people wanting an abortion.

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