Coronavirus: Prime Minister says we can ‘turn the tide’ on crisis- BBC News

The Prime Minister says he’s confident the country can defeat the coronavirus as long as everyone takes seriously the government’s restrictions and instructions on how to live our lives for the next few months.

Boris Johnson said he thought it would take 12 weeks to turn the tide on the virus in the UK but that depended on the public following government advice – social distancing, working from home where possible, and washing our hands.

Today the Bank of England slashed interest rates to an historic low to try to shore up the economy as the latest number of confirmed cases with the virus in the UK rose to 3,269 with the death toll up to more than 140.

There was a message today from the Queen, she praised the work of scientists, medical staff and the emergency services, saying the UK was entering a period of great uncertainty.

Laura Kuenssberg, Fergus Walsh, Nick Witchell, Mark Easton, Faisal Islam, Sarah Corker, Jonathan Beale, Branwen Jeffreys and Sophie Hutchinson report for the News at Ten presented by Sophie Raworth.

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