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Secrets of the Supercars is a brand new series on Dave looking at the multi-million pound masterpieces of the world’s most iconic brands with Extreme E rally driver Catie Munnings acting as chief test driver and ex-special forces operative Titch Cormack tracking down illusive game changing supercars of the past.

The series kicks off on Sunday 28th March at 7pm with the six-litre engine Pagani Huayra Roadster BC – with a price tag of over 4 million pounds, this supercar does 0-60 in under 3 seconds, top speeds of over 220 MPH and is the lightest convertible supercar roadster on earth. The episode dips behind the scenes at their production facility in Northern Italy with founder and Chief Designer Horacio Pagani, whilst champion rally driver Catie Munnings has borrowed a runway to put the car through its paces and see what it can really do.

The most expensive car featured in the show is the hyper-luxurious Bugatti Divo. But the £4.5 million price tag doesn’t tell the whole story – to even be invited to buy one customers must already own a two and a half million pound Bugatti Chiron. With only 40 Divos being manufactured, you’ll be a member of a super elite group if you can stump up the cash, and your car comes complete with a sixteen-cylinder, eight litre engine capable of speeds of up to 236 mph. The programme gets behind the scenes at Bugatti’s production facility in Molsheim in North Eastern France seeing just how they create such an expensive machine.

The two million pound Koenigsegg Regera featured in episode 3 has a hydric powertrain that can accelerate to 400kph – in just over 22 seconds – a car that broke the fastest 0 to 400 kilometres per hour record, and back to zero, in the world in 2019. The series secures access to the secretive production facility in a converted air force base in Sweden with founder Christian von Koenigsegg and Catie Munnings is allowed to take one of their multi-million pound cars out on the disused runway next door for a high speed high adrenalin test drive.

Another episode looks at the supercar of the off-road world, the brand new Land Rover Defender- a car that incredibly monitors the terrain every 20 milliseconds, is capable of climbing hits of 45 degrees has between two and four hundred horsepower. Ex-SBS covert operative Titch Cormack has tracked down a relic of WW2 in the depths of Cornwall to find out why this car could be considered the great-grandfather of the cutting edge Defender.

The BMW X5 that gets its own episode has a hidden secret – it’s not an X5 you might find on the school run, it’s secretly a three ton armoured vehicle, that can withstand drone attacks, gun fire and even grenades. The programme takes you into BMW’s highly secretive test facility in Germany to reveal how they keep top VIPs safe.

Later on in the series, the team reveal the technological boundaries being pushed in the auto world, as they travel to Croatia to lift the lid on the advanced Rimac C Two. This car produces an unprecedented 1,914 horsepower, is capable of a claimed 258 miles per hour top speed and only 150 of these cars will ever be produced.

They also get behind the wheel of an incredible boat hybrid Dutton Surf which has both wheels AND jet-propulsion and has previously successfully crossed the English channel.

Presenter Catie Munnings was a teenage rally driving sensation who had her own kids TV show, Catie’s Amazing Machines on Cbeebies, and she’s about to drive in the inaugural Extreme E electric rally series alongside top racing drivers like Jenson Button. And you’ll recognise Titch Cormack from The Speedshop on BBC One last year where he built custom motorbikes for military veterans.

Sundays, 7pm on Dave

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