1859 Sicilian Stamp Auctioned for €1.8 Million

The Error of Colour 1859 Sicilian Stamp which sold for €1.8 million

An 1859 Sicilian stamp has sold at auction in Switzerland for €1.8 Million. The “Error of Colour” stamp was printed in blue instead of orange. The auctioneers, Galerie Dreyfus, claim that the stamp is the most expensive Italian postage stamp and second most expensive stamp in the world.

The ½ Grana stamp has a Palermo date stamp of 21st April 1859. Emilio Dieno recorded the existence of the stamp in 1904.

The auction in Basel has included millions of Euros’ worth of stamps including:

  • The ”Champion” letter of 1855. A rare and well-preserved color misprint, franked with two 5-centime Strubels in blue instead of brown, and a brown 5-centime Strubel stamp. The item sold at auction for €1.5 million.
  • Non-circulated Audrey Hepburn with Cigarette stamp.  The item sold at auction for €126,000.
  • 1-penny Post Office stamp from Mauritius in orange. The item sold at auction for €300,000.
  • 15 Vermillion 1-franc stamps. The price per item has been estimated at €100,000.

The Galerie Dreyfus was created by Alain Dreyfus and is engaged in buying, selling and evaluating pieces of art.

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