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Zoll to Supply Defibrillators to British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation has designated ZOLL Medical Corporation as a nominated supplier for their Community Resuscitation Program. The BHF plans to purchase Zoll AED Plus units annually from April 6, 2010 for the next three years to distribute in public places and areas of need throughout the United Kingdom.

The AED Plus and AED Pro units provide assistance to those administering CPR in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest. The devices provide feedback on how fast and how hard chest compressions need to be. The units can also administer defibrillation. The Pro unit also allows rescuers to see whether defibrillation is successful, without the need to halt compressions, by filtering CPR artifact to reveal the patient’s underlying cardiac rhythm.

The British Heart Foundation is purchasing the units to supply its Community Resuscitation Program which aims to strategically place defibrillators in areas with a high incidence of cardiac arrest or anywhere where an ambulance might struggle to respond quickly. Claire O’Neill, community resuscitation manager at the British Heart Foundation, explained:

“Having defibrillators to hand where people are likely to collapse or where large crowds gather is crucial.

Many more people can be resuscitated successfully if defibrillation is given within around four minutes of someone collapsing.

We pioneered the placement of defibrillators out in the community and training local people how to use them and we know our efforts have already saved hundreds of lives.

The simple act of using a defibrillator could be the difference between life and death.”

The contract is worth up to $2 million over three years for Zoll, a US company which manufactures a range of resuscitation equipment.

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