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Why a Plan B? – Archbishop Gennadius on The Morning After Pill

One of the many sentiments reverberating across the American continent following the painful economic collapse and lost feelings of security is the matter of responsibility. Considering the widespread suffering that followed in the wake of this global catastrophe such sentiments appear only reasonable, after all it is only logical that we adults should be completely responsible for the decisions that we make. This is reasonable irrespective of how difficult or challenging the results of our decisions might actually become.

In the wake of certain decisions humans often experience the realization that a better laid Plan “A” would have negated the need for the creation of a Plan “B,” which is a definite sign of being fully responsible. After all, decisions are not totally made in a vacuum because my decisions ultimately affect others in spite of my intentions of keeping such decisions completely individualized.

Considering the life giving spirit of this particular season the need for a Plan B seems somewhat bewildering. How can we sing “What Angels Have Heard on High….” followed by “Gloria in Excelsis Deo!” in connection with the intention of terminating the existence of a glorious creation during the season for giving life? That life is represented in the “Incarnation” of Jesus of whom these phrases speak and the willingness of His mother to be completely accepting and responsible for her participation in this life-giving act of salvation.

The season of the Nativity of Christ is about the gift of life and the gift for the creation of life, which makes the concept of a “morning after pill” or Plan B contraceptive difficult to understand. This is about responsibility as exemplified by the Virgin Mary when informed that she would conceive, to which she responded “Behold the handmaid of the Lord: be it done to me according to your word” (Luke 1:38).  She stated this without hesitation, without a Plan A or a Plan B because she was committed to giving life.

Why then is there a perceived need in our society for a Plan B today? Unfortunately, humans make mistakes. God does not make mistakes.  Therefore, there is no need for a Plan B in the mistaken effort to correct the absence of Plan A. Let’s remember that this season of the Nativity of Christ or Christmas is a season of light, life giving and eternal fulfillment. During this time of year we celebrate giving life to a world steeped in darkness of many layers and intensities, but life nevertheless.

Why a Plan B that brings darkness when the Divine Plan brings only life, light and salvation?  Which one of us was a “mistake?”

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