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Wheat Yields Higher After Alternating with Lupin

Using lupin as a break crop for wheat fields can increase wheat yields by up to 28%, according to new research from the Australian Grains Research and Development Corporation.

Katanning-based DAFWA research officer Raj Malik said:

“Lupin grown as a 2009 break crop increased 2010 wheat yields significantly above wheat following wheat – the wheat yield after lupins was 26 and 28 per cent higher than after wheat with and without the fungicide treatment.

“…if they are looking just at the short term financial returns, they can look at continuous wheat treatments, or sequences including wheat and oaten hay.

“However, in the long run these continuous cereal sequences may not be sustainable – for example, weeds have been shown to be a problem in the Katanning plots where four years of continuous wheat was grown.”

The crop trials have been running since 2008 in Western Australia and are also looking at the effectiveness of different fungicides.

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