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What to Pack for a Nepali Trek – Advice from Fashion Consultant Belinda Alexander

Fashion consultant Belinda Alexander advises trekkers and fashion enthusiasts how to dress on the trek of a lifetime.

At the moment I am planning a walk of 120 km in Nepal. We fly to Kathmandu and then travel by bus to Phokara where we start the ascent to the Annapurna Mountains.

My fitness campaign has started in earnest! Though relatively fit most of the time, I am stepping up my programme with the help of fitness coach Lucy Walker who is a triathlete and a strict trainer to boot! Luckily I live in a hilly area and so training consists of pushing myself up Penhill (1,000 feet) on a good afternoon. It’s steep coming down and good for the calf and ankle muscles.

I already have various clothes for the trip, Salomon boots which you have to wear in and wear on the flight. They are possibly your heaviest item and also should your luggage get lost at least you can start the walk! I also have bought poles which so help take the weight off your knees and hips. You need to learn how best to use them and they should go straight ahead of you not to the side. When used correctly they do ‘take the strain’!

I have invested in a Berghaus jacket as I think they are light and extremely good quality. I also have a Berghaus fleece for days with better weather. I have Craghopper trousers and wicking T shirts plus Brasher socks.

Its hard to know what to wear as its warm in the day until we reach a higher altitude, but at night I will need layers. I have invested in a silk liner for my sleeping bag and I am taking any old leggings I can find as I think I will be sleeping in them!

We are camping for about 5 nights – a thing I am dreading! That, and the hole in the ground for a loo, will all be testing, which is good as I am raising money for a children’s charity and I won’t get donations if it’s a luxurious holiday!

What to Pack

  • Brasher socks for high altitude: 3-4 Wool Ultra Socks, RRP £15 per pair, 4 Season Socks, RRP £13 per pair
  • Salomon boots: Tundra Mid WP W: Salomon’s warmest winter boot for extreme environments. Keeps feet warm to -40C/-40F.
  • Berghaus jacket: women’s Gyalgen GORE-TEX® Pro Shell Jacket £250
  • Berghaus fleece: women’s Power Stretch® Full Zip Jacket £80
  • Craghopper trousers: NosiLife £52
  • Craghopper wicking t-shirt: Base T-Shirt £21
  • Silk sleeping bag liner: Highlander “Mummy style” from all good stockists.
  • Leki poles: Teton (Super Makalu) AERGON AS $139.95

About Belinda Alexander

Belinda Alexander
Belinda began her fashion career in PR for Way In at Harrods, modelling in London and working for a choreographer & fashion production company styling shows in London, Dusseldorf & Hong Kong. She married and moved north where she ran a model agency. She now offers personal shopping and fashion event services.

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