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Western World Worries Over North Korean Missile Testing

The day after performing nuclear testing, North Korea has tested two missiles, to a background cacophony of Western hypocrisy.

It would appear that having nuclear weapons alone is not worthy of condemnation from the UN Security Council – many countries have them, including the security council’s own ‘power five’ the USA, the UK, Russia, China and France.

India and Pakistan and, as recently proved by Mordechi Vanunu, Israel have also amassed some form of nuclear weaponry without condemnation or sanctions from the Council.

So, one might argue, the problem here is not weaponry, its ideology. North Korea, and Iran, have opposing political views to the power five. India, Pakistan and Israel, do not. The latter three could be effectively controlled by either economic or political pressure. Iran and North Korea, less so.

Perhaps this is the reason for the apparent differing levels of outcry towards any weapons testing undertaken by these states.

UK radio news reports how “of course, we won’t be taking military action” – and why not? Maybe because North Korea has nuclear weapons that could “destroy a city”. Of course. So, perhaps, one might also argue, North Korean defence strategy is working.

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  1. So North Korea has announced a successor to the regime. This might actually be a good factor in that it might produce some stability to that unsettled part of the world. It is my opinion is’nt probable a Berlin Wall kind situation will arise consequently best to go for a more softening method as has occured with China its foremost supporter

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