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Western Union Extends Payment Partnership with Google AdSense

AdSense publishers in Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Mexico and Argentina will now be able to receive their advertising revenue from Google via Western Union transfer thanks to a new deal between the companies. The payment option solves a banking problem for Google which aims to operate globally in an area which is traditionally fraught with bureaucracy and delays. The system will allow publishers in over 60 countries to pick up their advertising revenue in cash at participating agencies.

Western Union explained the process thus:

“With the publisher’s consent, Google communicates the name of the publisher, the amount to pay and country information to Western Union. Western Union processes a money transfer, and generates a money transfer confirmation number (MTCN) and makes the funds available at a participating Western Union Agent location in the destination country. The payment information is communicated to the publisher via the Google AdSense web system. The publisher goes to the location, presents their identification and picks up the funds.”

As globalisation and international integration accelerate, payment methods between countries will have to catch up to meet the expectations of global citizens and the needs of business users.

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