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Video: Fires & Broken Glass as UK Students Protest Fees

A student protest in Westminster, London, today turned violent as members of the British public protesting proposed University tuition fee increases and spending cuts lit fires and smashed windows at the Conservative Party HQ.

In footage shot at the scene angry British citizens are seen to break glass and light fires in and around the Conservative Party building in central London, UK.

Students are particularly angry that the coalition Government is made up from a Liberal Democrat element, including Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, whose 2010 Election Pledge was specifically not to increase University Tuition Fees.

Despite the protest, Mr Clegg spoke in the House of Commons today defending the proposed fee increase. The Deputy Prime Minister said it was necessary in order to fund further education in what he described as a “progressive” way.

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  1. ooh i think we can safely say there were plenty of non-imposters getting in on the action there… shame it got that ugly.

  2. We all know that provocateurs are used to cause Violence and Distrupt
    and Demean every protest around the world, In Canada and the US many times in the Police have been caught changing out of their disguses, they are the ones who smash windows and cars for the Media to take photo’s of not any of the protestors, they always dress up with Balaclava’s and conceal their faces because they are cops and don’t want to be easily Identified, people are not daft anymore, we know they always use deliberately placed provocateurs.

  3. The most depressing picture to emerge from the students’ day of violence in London was of a group of balaclava-wearing Neanderthals with a mis-spelt placard claiming, “We are your future”. Alternative avenues to a UK degree include highly concentrated courses in local colleges, night-school and day-release programmes, and “distance-learning” via television. Or students could apply to elite American universities such as the George Bush alma maters Harvard and Yale which offer free (“needs-blind”) classes and accommodation. Ironically in view of the contempt in which they hold the former President, only a couple of thousand of the half-million UK students are bright enough to have any hope of entry.

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