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“Vera” Episode 4 on ITV at 8pm on 22nd May 2011

Brenda Blethyn OBE plays Vera © ITV

Vera’s a little breathless this week and its not because of the attentions of her dashing young sergeant. The matter isn’t helped by a dramatic rescue attempt in a freezing stream.

Detective Inspector Stanhope looks into the death of a Margaret Wilde – a woman who appears to have no data trail. The small pieces of her life lead to a spurned husband, a caring Sikh neighbour and a high court judge. The fugitive life story of the unfortunate victim frustrates the policewoman and makes her doubt her own judgement. Eventually the pieces begin to fit together thanks to the tireless efforts of Vera’s team, who wade through reams of paper to find a kernel of truth.

The case brings up issues of child protection, arms possession and victimisation. Will the team make the right decision in the eyes of the law or will they prioritise the life of those under their protection?

“Vera” Episode 4 airs on ITV at 8pm on 22nd May 2011 and is available for UK viewers only.

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