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Before copying any text, image or video from this website, please make sure you are aware of the following information.

Using Article (Text) From The Global Herald

If you would like to use text from any The Global Herald article, please note that:

  • No more than 150 words may be excerpted for use in any article, without prior written consent from the publishers of The Global Herald;
  • Any excerpt you do use must be followed with a sentence linking back to The Global Herald homepage – as well as an anchor text link of the original article title in full, which links to the URL you copied the text from;
  • Any excerpt from The Global Herald featured must form part of a wider article, and may not be the sole information published on the item in question – you may not simply copy entire articles from The Global Herald for any purpose, without prior written consent.
  • You must use the “source” meta tag in your website header, pointing to the original article. You can find information about how to use this meta tag in Google’s help document on the standards involved.

If you would like to use text content from The Global Herald in any other manner, you must first contact us to request this, and wait for a positive response before proceeding, to avoid breaching Copyright conditions.

Using Images from The Global Herald

No images may be used from The Global Herald without prior written consent. Please contact us if you would like to use an image found in The Global Herald.

Using Video Content from The Global Herald

If you would like to use video content featured in The Global Herald please check the “embed” options within the item in question. If you are at all unsure regarding the availability for embedding, please contact us.

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