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USA: Republicans Sweep Through House in US Mid-Term Elections

In the US mid-term elections, the Democrats lost six seats in the Senate but maintained a slim majority of 51 – 46. The Republicans gained the states of North Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Philadelphia and Arkansas.

In the House of Representatives, Republicans gained 59 seats to give a total of 237. The Democrats now have 182 seats.

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Michael Steele said:

“Tonight, voters rejected the economic policies that have resulted in nearly double-digit unemployment and record-breaking budget deficits.  They have rejected the belief that government can run our health care system, automobile companies, and student loan industry better then we can.  Most importantly, they have rejected the politics of President Obama where the people’s business is conducted behind closed doors.”

The so-called “Tea Party” grabbed headlines throughout the campaign. The political movement protested against what it saw as unwarranted tax, deficits and government spending. The name is in reference to the Boston Tea Party in which colonists destroyed British tea to protest taxation without representation.

The President now faces divided government as his laws will have to pass through a balanced Senate and hostile House.

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