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USA: Former President George W. Bush to Address Windpower 2010

43rd President of the United States, George W Bush Jnr, will address Windpower 2010 on Tuesday 25th May 2010 at the Dallas Convention Center.

The wind energy conference brings together leading opinion formers, experts and legislators to promote wind energy and pave the way for wind turbines to power up to 20% of the Unites States electricity needs.

GE will also present a 131ft long turbine blade which bears the signatures of thousands of wind power supporters, gathered on a 28-day “Capture the Wind” tour.

Matt Guyette, Renewables Global Strategy Leader, GE Energy said:

“voters want Congress to pass a strong national Renewable Electricity Standard (RES). Americans understand that an RES will mean new manufacturing jobs, less dependence on imported energy and more pure, clean, affordable energy for our country.

…The rest of the world is not standing still. China and Europe already have enacted robust clean energy policies that expand manufacturing investment and employment. It’s time for federal policymakers to do the same, for the benefit of Texas and the entire nation.”

Competition among wind energy companies is fierce with many reliant on government subsidies to undercut rivals. The greatest battle at the moment is the race to build the largest wind turbine blade and then to certify it. Blades as long as 72m are in development and offer the prospect of greater output and efficiency.

Windpower 201o continues until May 26th.

GE's 131ft Turbine Blade - around 40m long

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