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USA: California to Require Sheaths in Adult Films

On 18th March, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation in California succeeded in persuading the state’s Department of Occupational Safety and Health to make a decision on protecting adult film workers’ health through the use of condoms.

An advisory panel will convene for its first meeting on Tuesday 29th June to decide the way in which Californian legislation may be amended to better protect porn actors.

The American Medical Association has voted to support the use of condoms in adult films at its annual meeting in Chicago the week of 14th June 2010, following evidence from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health which shows that workers in the adult film industry are ten times more likely to be infected with a sexually transmitted disease than members of the population at large.

The President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Michael Weinstein said:

“This is another tremendous step forward in the right direction toward protecting the health and safety of adult film workers, and I want to thank AMA officials for their official vote on this. The adult film industry has steadfastly refused to take any steps to protect its workers from diseases spread by bloodborne pathogens, resulting in thousands of employees becoming infected with sexually transmitted diseases. We need to take the necessary steps to protect performers by providing and enforcing the use of condoms during filming so that actors in adult films enjoy the same public health and workplace protections that all workers should.”

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation provide medical treatment for AIDS to over 100,000 people in 22 countries using funds from its own social enterprises. The Foundation also campaigns for greater patient advocacy, better access to treatment and preventative measures to halt the spread of AIDS.

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