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UKTV: Salvage Code Red Special – Gulf Oil Disaster, 31st May 2010

This documentary follows the progress of the early response to the Deepwater Horizon disaster, where a rig operated by BP blew up and killed eleven workers in the Gulf of Mexico, USA.

Interviewing Coastguard, salvage experts and workers from the rig, National Geographic Channel shows exclusive footage of the fires, the rescues and the efforts to contain the resulting well spill.

Rescue workers and specialists sea firefighters are visibly moved by the magnitude of the tragedy in front of them as it becomes clear that neither the missing crew nor the burning rig will be saved.

Diagrams also help to explain the construction of the rig and the way in which the situation evolved from a fire on a rig to a major oil spill.

Perhaps because of the impending legal marathon ahead of the rig’s operator, BP (British Petroleum) is not mentioned once in the program.

Salvage Code Red Special – Gulf Oil Disaster will air at 10pm on 31st May 2010 on the National Geographic Channel.

Deepwater Horizon burning in the Gulf of Mexico

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  1. When can we expect to see Salvage Code Red Oil Disaster on TV in the USA?

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