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UKTV: “Father & Son” Episode 4, 10th June 2010

The concluding episode of “Father & Son” sees the day of Barrington’s escape from hospital when everyone gets nervous; the police, the prisoners and the fixers on the outside.

Stephen Rea plays an increasingly menacing role as a shady accountant, Augustine, with political connections and religious anecdotes for every occasion. Garde also start to call round at the house of Michael’s girlfriend in Ireland, putting the pressure on Michael to return.

Barrington (Terrance Maynard) that he will lose his bargaining chip when Sean is granted a meeting with his lawyer on the morning of the escape. Michael and Connie also get concerned about the involvement of policeman, DI Conroy.

The tension mounts and Michael has some tough decisions to make. What does it mean to be a father and how far will he go to protect his children?

A supreme four-part series with an excellent cast, stylised filming and action-packed, tension filled storyline.

“Father & Son” Episode 4 will be screened at 9pm on 10th June 2010, on ITV1 and thereafter on ITV Player (UK residents only).

Reece Noi and Dougray Scott in Father & Son © ITV

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