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UKTV: “Father & Son” Episode 3, 9th June 2010

Episode 3 of the highly acclaimed “Father & Son” drama sees deals and double deals as Michael O’Connor (Dougray Scott) pulls all the strings to get his boy Sean (Reece Noi) out of jail.

He seizes an opportunity to arrange a meeting with the police through Connie (Sophie Okonedo) and does a disclosure deal with DI Conroy (Ian Hart). But when Michael’s father (John Kavanagh) falls ill, Michael realises that DI Conroy may not be all that he seems. Should he go ahead with the deal to help Sean, or should he investigate whether the policeman can be trusted?

Meanwhile Sean begins to suspect Stacey and his Grandfather also suspects that Sean may not be guilty. Barrington continues to pull strings from inside prison and hospital, whilst on the outside criminals and guns do his bidding.

Father & Son brings a top class cast together with a tight script and atmospheric filming. The gritty accents and bleak imagery contrast with vivid characters and a thrilling, dangerous story. A must-see.

Showing 9pm on 9th June, ITV1 and thereafter on ITV Player.

Dialysis gives Barrington the time to talk to Michael O'Connor

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