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UKTV: Father & Son Episode 2, 8th June 2010

Father & Son is the gripping four-part drama from ITV which chronicles the return of a former Manchester gangster to his old patch.

Drawn back by the troubles of his fifteen year-old son, Michael O’Connor is faced with tough decisions and even tougher emotions.

In part two, visits are made to the prison and the gangland retaliations begin to play out. Dangerous men begin close in on a deal being orchestrated from inside the jail. Guns and spotters are everywhere. Everyone is being targeted and Barrington knows just which buttons to push with the police, criminals and pawns.

Meanwhile, Michael’s girlfriend in Ireland is visited by the police who remind her of Michael’s past. Troubled, she travels to Manchester to try and protect Michael, complicating his efforts to keep Sean safe at all costs.

Another gripping episode with top class performances from BAFTA and Oscar nominated actors. Nail-biting action coupled with a varied coterie of characters keeps this twisting plot charging along.

Father & Son, episode 2, will air on ITV at 9pm on 8th June 2010.

Armed police at Elijah Wood's flat

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