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UKTV: Dexter Season 4 begins 27th August 2010

Dexter is the macabre tale of a serial killer living the life of family man. The show is starting its fourth season this August.

While using his career as a policeman to cover his tracks, Dexter vents a sickening addiction to blood-letting. Following in a long line of recent TV productions glamorising vampire-like behaviour, Dexter goes further than most in emphasising the shocking aspects of a killer’s instincts.

Glamorising the show with the same honey-tinged filter as The Mentalist and CSI Miami, Dexter initially looks like yet another Sunshine State cop show. Sunglasses and sunshine abound, but the graphic scenes in Dexter are in fact more disturbing than anything produced by Quentin Tarantino. A spinning moral compass allows the protagonist in this show to literally get away with murder and receive no come-uppance or reckoning of any sort.

If the opening credits of Dexter don’t turn you vegetarian – at least for half an hour – then the content of the first two episodes probably will. A strange mix of glossy filming and graphic malice, Dexter will be too much for detective story fans, but will be welcomed by fans and followers of the pin-up slasher genre such as True Blood.

The first episodes see Dexter juggle family life with “the code” given to him by his father. The rest of the team are embroiled in complicated love-affairs, giving Dexter the chances he needs to slip through the net.

The new season of Dexter will air from 27th August at 10pm on FX and thereafter on Friday nights at 10pm.

The 4th season of Dexter begins in August

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