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UKTV: Better off Ted

“Better off Ted” is the brilliant new series from FX. The program follows the progress of a successful young executive, Ted Crisp, at a soulless and sociopathic company called Veridian Dynamics.

Ted is truly dashing and soon catches the eye of both his severe boss and his outgoing employee. Caught between women and faced with moral dilemmas on a daily basis, he relies on his eight year old daughter for a clear moral perspective, though he doesn’t always like what he hears.

Taken as a snapshot of American corporate life, Better of Ted is a great series which will have you rolling on the floor with quickfire wit, ridiculous inventions and spot on delivery from Jay Harrington (Ted Crisp), Portia de Rossi (Veronica) and Andrea Anders (Linda Zwordling).

Although comedy seldom travels well from the USA to the UK, Better off Ted has a surprisingly good strike rate. The only episode which may fail to raise laughs in Britain involves self-deprecating references to positive discrimination.

Better off Ted will air in double bills every Tuesday at 9pm from 27th July 2010 until 19th October 2010 on FX.

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