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UK: Iraq War Inquiry Launches

Sir John Chilcot
Sir John Chilcot
Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, is likely to provide evidence for an inquiry into the Iraq War, which begins at the end of July 2009, its chairman, Sir John Chilcot announced today in Central London.

The group will focus purely on British documentary evidence and witness statements, however, and many question whether the lack of international respondents will preclude any wide reaching conclusions to be drawn from the eventual report.

The inquiry panel consists of Sir Roderick Lyne, Sir Martin Gilbert, Sir Lawrence Freedman and Baroness Prashar.

The chairman claimed this report would necessarily take “a number of months” to produce as they are covering “over eight years worth of material”.

That there may be an “interim report” was not ruled out by Sir Chilcot, something which is likely to worry the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, as this is likely to arrive during the lead up to a General Election.

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