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UK: Gordon Brown Resigns As Prime Minister

Who would be Prime Minister?

Gordon Brown, the leader of the Labour Party and Prime Minister of Great Britain is on his way to tender his resignation to the Queen, after making a statement to that effect outside 10 Downing Street minutes ago.

He told the mass of reporters “Thank you and goodbye” as he ended his speech supported by his wife, Sarah, and his two young sons.

Brown said it had been “a privilege to serve” his country.

It looks likely that David Cameron will be the next Prime Minister after he met with Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg this morning to privately strike a deal that may well appal many traditional Liberal voters.

Brown had initially attempted to stay in his office in order to seek a deal with Clegg, while attempting to guide the country through the current financial crisis which sees Britain lose in excess of £400,000,000 (400 million) every day. Brown announced yesterday that he would retire from leadership, this achieved, in around September.

However, within 24 hours, it seems that Clegg and Cameron have struck an unlikely allegiance that has forced Gordon Brown from office.

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