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UK General Election 2010: Swansea West Stays Labour

Geraint Davies MP Swansea West

Geraint Davies has been elected as Labour MP for Swansea West in Wales.

  1. Geraint Davies Labour 12,335
  2. Peter May Liberal Democrat 11,831
  3. Rene Kinzett Conservative 7,407
  4. Harri Roberts Plaid Cymru 1,437
  5. Alan Bateman British National Party 910
  6. Tim Jenkins UK Independence Party 716
  7. Keith Ross Green 404
  8. Ian McCloy Independent 374
  9. Rob Williams Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 179


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  1. Geraint Davies follows in the footsteps of a diligent MP who has served Swansea West very well for very many years. I hope that Mr. Davies follows Alan Williams’ example and that his expenses claim will be amongst the lowest.

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