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UK General Election 2010: Swansea East Stays Labour

Sian James for Swansea East

Sian James has been re-elected as Labour MP for Swansea East in Wales.

  1. Sian James Labour 16,819
  2. Robert Speht Liberal Democrat 5,981
  3. Christian Holliday Conservative 4,823
  4. Dic Jones Plaid Cymru 2,181
  5. Clive Bennett British National Party 1,715
  6. David Rogers UK Independence Party 839
  1. Tony Young Green 318

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  1. Once again the electorate in Swansea and Wales have voted without much thought and reality Labour has nearly ruined this country and yet they still get voted in. I hope the members of parliament for Swansea will remember that they are elected to serve the people and not lamely go where the party takes them

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