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UK General Election 2010: Labour Win Sunderland Central

Sunderland Central have returned their votes for the 2010 UK General Election.

Labour have won the seat in the newly delineated Sunderland Central ward, with a majority of 6,725 from a total turnout of 42,463.

The vote went as follows:

  • Julie Elliott – Labour – 19,495
  • Lee Martin – Conservative – 12,770
  • Paul Dixon – Liberal Democrat – 7,191
  • John McCaffrey – British National Party – 1,913
  • Pauline Featonby-Warren – UK Independence Party – 1,094

Based on the equivalent votes last year, Labour’s majority in this ward fell by around 5%, which is equivalent to Conservative gains. At the time this result returned, Labour held the first three seats of the 2010 General Election, all of them in the Sunderland area.

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