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Uganda: Dame Billie Miller to Lead Election Observers

President Yoweri Museveni at a rally in Uganda

The former Deputy Prime Minister of Barbados, Dame Billie Miller, will lead a team of Commonwealth Election Observers in Uganda when the country goes to the polls on February 18th, 2011. The team will arrive in Uganda on 11th February 2011 and is expected to stay until 24th February 2011.

The Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma said:

“The Commonwealth has a long history of engagement with Uganda, and we are pleased to observe these significant elections. We very much hope that they will further strengthen democratic culture and contribute long term development and prosperity for all in Uganda.”

President Yoweri Museveni is standing for re-election and has promised that there will be no violence, in a speech at a rally in Kasagati. Other registered parties taking part in the vote include:

  • Action Party [AP]
  • Activist Party
  • Bridge Party [BP]
  • Congress Service Volunteers Organisation (COSEVO)
  • Conservative Party [CP]
  • Democratic Party [DP]
  • Farmers’ Party of Uganda [FPU]
  • Forum for Democratic Change [FDC]
  • Forum for Integrity in Leadership [FIL]
  • Justice Forum [JEEMA]
  • Liberal Democratic Transparency [LDT]
  • Movement for Democratic Change [MDC]
  • Movement Volunteer Mobilisers Organization [MVMO]
  • National Convention for Democracy {NCD]
  • National Peasants’ Party [NPP]
  • Ecological Party of Uganda(EPU)
  • National Redemption Party [NRP]
  • National Resistance Movement [NRM]
  • National Unity, Reconciliation and Development [NURP]
  • National Youth Revolutionary Organisation [NYRO]
  • New Order Democracy [NOD]
  • People’s Development Party (PDP)
  • People’s Independent Party [PIP]
  • People’s Progressive Party [PPP]
  • People’s United Movement [PUM]
  • Popular People’s Democracy [PPD]
  • Progressive Alliance Party [PAP]
  • Reform Party [RP]
  • Republican Women and Youth Party [RWYP]
  • Social Democratic Party[SDP]
  • Society for Peace and Development [SPD]
  • Uganda Economic Party [UEP]
  • Uganda Mandate Party [UMP]
  • Uganda Patriotic Movement [UPM]
  • Uganda People’s Congress [UPC]
  • Uganda People’s Party [UPP]
  • Green Partisan Party (GPP)
  • Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA)

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