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Typhoon Songda Expected to Reach Japan 29th May 2011

According to a forecast from the Japan Meteorological Agency, Typhoon Songda will reach mainland Japan on 29th May 2011.

The storm has already led to the evacuation of 8,258 people in Barangays, Philippines. The families were moved to a Church and Municipal Gym, though they have now returned to their homes. Flooding has occurred in several provinces and the Bunawan River has overflowed. Houses and crops have been damaged and a hanging bridge in Brgy Capinonan was washed away.

Government workers were sent home on the afternoon of 25th May 2011 and 250,000 were pre-emptively evacuated.

The Regional Specialised Meteorological Center for Japan has issued the following advisory:

Typhoon 1102 Songda Analysis 26th May 2011 06:00 UTC:

  • 15.6 North 125.8 East GOOD
  • Moving North-North-West at 10 KT
  • Pressure 920HPA
  • Max Wind 105 KT
  • Gust  150KT


24 Hour Forecast

  • 27th May 2011 06:00 UTC
  • 18.9 North 124.0 East 70NM 70%
  • Moving North-North-West 10KT
  • Pressure 920HPA
  • Max Wind 105KT
  • Gust 150KT

48 Hour Forecast

  • 28th May 2011 06:00 UTC
  • 22.9 North 124.8 East 160NM 70%
  • Moving North 10KT
  • Pressure  940HPA
  • Max Wind 90KT
  • Gust 130KT

72 Hour Forecast

  • 29th May 06:00 UTC
  • 28.1 North 129.7 East 250NM 70%
  • Moving North East 15KT
  • Pressure 965HPA
  • Max Wind 70KT
  • Gust 100KT = NNNN

The storm is expected to lose intensity by the time it reaches the southern-most islands of Japan.

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