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“Twentysomething” Starting on ABC2, 6th September 2011

Tapping in to the listlessness of a generation with too many options, Twentysomething is Jess and Josh’s drink-fuelled attempt at finding meaning beyond the smug train of friends buying houses and starting families.

“Jess (Jess Harris) and Josh (Josh Schmidt) are best friends, housemates and twentysomething. While their friends finish uni degrees, climb the corporate ladder and settle down, Jess and Josh live for the weekend. Then comes unemployment, eviction and dodging the dreaded question, “So what are you going to do with your lives?”.

“Becoming their own bosses, they set out in search of the big break. Is it an erotic house cleaning service? Guided tours showing backpackers Melbourne in a new light? An elite babysitters’ agency? Bounty hunting for lost dogs?”

Twentysomething airs on Tuesday at 9pm, beginning on 6th September 2011 on ABC2, for Australian audiences only.

Jess and Josh in Twentysomething


  • Jess Harris as Jess
  • Josh Schmidt as Josh
  • Hamish Blake (Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year) as Billy
  • Simon Russell (Thank God You’re Here) as Nick
  • Leah de Niese (Offspring) as Abby


Producer: Nicole Minchin (Lowdown, The Wedding Party)
Co-Producers and Co-Creaters: Jess Harris and Josh Schmidt
Writer: Jess Harris
Director: Paul Currie (One Perfect Day)
Executive Producer: Nicole Minchin
ABC TV Executive Producer: Debbie Lee
A High Wire Films and Electric Living production.

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