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TV Preview: Eternal Law – ITV1

Eternal Law. Image (c) ITV

We open in the serene, moonlit Yorkshire countryside.

The narrator informs us that “they” are everywhere and could be anyone, including a young lawyer in a field. The young lawyer spoken of is Tom Greening (Ukweli Roach) who we find laying in the grass. Another man, Zak Gist (Sam West) greets him and they begin to stroll casually through the open country. To all outward appearances they seem like normal people; average build, average looks, smartly dressed. As they take a brisk walk in the twilight however, their topic of conversation paints a different picture; they talk of this world as outsiders. Our suspicions are confirmed as they catch sight of the sparkling lights of York city in the distance, a pair of magnificent wings spreading from each of their backs, slowly flapping in the darkness.

This is the opening to ITV’s new 6-part drama: Eternal Law.

Filmed on location in the beautiful ancient city of York, it is the latest work from the creators of Life On Mars and Ashes To Ashes, Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharaoh and tells us the story of two angels, sent to live amongst us as lawyers.

The series will detail the trials and tribulations of Zak and Tom as they try to help the people of our planet gain both justice, and redemption.

Not only do they have tricky legal cases to contend with, but Zak also has earthly temptation to avoid in the guise of the beautiful Hannah (Hattie Morahan), a woman he knew in a previous visit to this plane. The pair also have to deal with thwarting the dark designs of Tobias Menzies’ fallen angel and serious bad-guy, Richard Pembroke.

For the other main character, we also have the pair’s housekeeper, Mrs Sheringham who is played by Orla Brady. After losing her wings and being made back into a mortal for indulging in forbidden activities she finds herself looking after the lawyers and trying to keep them on the right path and away from trouble.

The opening episode tells the tale of a marketplace shooting, with an ex-convict being arrested after his former partner’s fiancé is shot from atop a building. The case seems to be done almost as soon as it started with the suspect found next to the smoking gun, but is everything as it seems? Will Tom and Zak be able to use all of their skills and knowledge to get to the bottom of things?

Episode one airs on ITV1 on Thursday 5th of January 2012

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