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Tropical Storm Harvey Reaches Hoduran Coast

Tropical Storm Harvey moves over Honduras and Guatemala. Infrared satellit images courtesy National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, USA

A tropical storm warning is in effect for the coasts of Honduras and Guatemala as Tropical Storm Harvey brings hurricane conditions to the Western Caribbean Sea. According to the National Hurricane Center in Florida, the tropical storm warning applies for 24 hours from 09:00 to the following areas:

  • The Bay Islands of Honduras
  • The coast of Honduras from Punta Patuca Westward
  • The coast of Guatemala
  • The coast of Belize
  • The coast of Mexico from Punta Gruesa Southward to Chetumal

The tropical storm center is located near 16.4N  86.5W and is moving Westward at a rate of 10 knots. The central pressure is 994 MB and has gusts of up to 60 knots. The storm will reach its height at 18:00 UTC on 20th August 2011, make landfall at 06:00 on 21st August 2011 and is forecast to dissipate at 06:00 on 23rd August 2011.

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