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Tropical Storm Arlene To Hit Mexico

Tropical Storm Arlene at 21:00 local time 28th June 2011 - image courtesy Comision Nacional del Agua

Tropical Storm Arlene is expected to hit the Gulf coast of Mexico within the next 24 hours. A warning is in effect for Tropical Storm Arlene from the NWS National Hurrican Center in Miami, Florida as of 09:00 ITC on Wednesday 29th June 2011:

Summary of Watches and Warnings in Effect

A tropical storm warning is in effect for:

  • The coast of North-Eastern Mexico from Barra de Nautla Northward to Bahia Algodones

A tropical storm warning means that tropical storm conditions are expected somewhere within the warning area – in this was within 24 hours.

Tropical storm center located near 21.8 North  95.0West at 09:00 29th June 2011
Position accurate within 35 Nautical Miles

Present movement toward the West-NorthWest or 300 Degrees at 7 Knots

Estimates minimum central pressure 1003 MB
Maximum sustained winds 35 Knots with gusts to 45 Knots.
34 Knots…….100NE  40SE   0SW   0NW.
12 foot seas..180NE   0SE   0SW  90NW.
Winds and seas vary greatly in each quadrant. Radii in nautical miles are the largest radii expected anywhere in that quadrant.

Repeat…Center located near 21.8 North  95.0 West at 09:00 on 29th June 2011
at 06:00 on 29th June 2011 center was located near 21.7 North  94.6 West

Forecast Valid 18:00 on 29th June 2011, 22.1 North  95.9 West
Maximum Wind 40 Knots…Gusts  50 Knots.
34 Knots…100NE  60SE  30SW  30NW.

Forecast Valid 06:00 on 30th June 2011, 22.1 North  97.1 West
Maximum Wind  50 Knots…Gusts  60 Knots.
50 Knots… 40NE   0SE   0SW  30NW.
34 Knots…100NE  70SE  40SW  70NW.

Forecast Valid 18:00 on 30th June 2011, 22.0 North  98.2 West …Inland
Max Wind  40 Knots…Gusts  50 Knots.
34 Knots… 70NE  45SE  30SW  40NW.

Forecast Valid 06:00 on 1st July 2011, 21.8 North  99.4 West…Post Tropical Remnant Low
Maximum Wind 25 Knots…Gusts  35 Knots.

Forecast Valid 06:00 on 2nd July 2011 …Dissipated

Request for 3 hourly ship reports within 300 miles 21.8 North  95.0 West

The Mexican Bureau of Meteorology has forecast thunderstorms and strong winds for much of the country over the next 24 hours.


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