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Toyota Exonerated Over Accelerator Problems

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has declared there were no found faults with the Toyota electronic accelerator controls.

The report comes as a result of an investigation into a supposed fault, which caused more recalls, which have plagued Toyota for the last year, particularly in America.

US Government officials have announced that there was no fault found with the system during their technical investigations and suggest it is merely down to driver error. The report suggested that people had been mistakingly pressing the accelerator when attempting to press the brake.

Toyota has acknowledged some problems with accelerator pedals in their range. One problem which the are suggesting is out of place floor mats could be causing them to jam.

The report by the NHTSA is ongoing and is being coordinated with NASA engineers. A full report is expected by mid 2011.

This result helps to dispel complaints about the reliability of Toyota models since recalls which started in 2009 have led to over 10 million vehicles being taken off the roads due to safety concerns. Last year there were several problems with the Toyota range including the IQ, Prius and the Corolla.

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