Stanford Virtual Classroom: Building Heaven and Hell

The challenges –and opportunities –of Stanford University’s move to fully-online learning have been enormous. Faculty and students find themselves faced with the daunting task of teaching, learning and connecting online while facing a global pandemic that has disrupted many aspects of their daily lives. In the class Building Heaven and Hell, students read texts from … Read more Stanford Virtual Classroom: Building Heaven and Hell

Musical conversation with Samantha Farrell (Podcast)

Samantha Farrell is the assistant to Vladimir Bulović, the director of MIT.nano, as well as a professional musician. Here, she talks about how music is keeping her focused, productive, and sane and how in times like these, “. . . the arts really shine, people’s humanity can really shine, and musicians and filmmakers and artists … Read more Musical conversation with Samantha Farrell (Podcast)

Design problem: How to teach a hands-on course online

A fascinating insight from Amos Winter of MIT, into how they’ve changed their teaching to cope with the sudden removal of physical presence for Covid-19. Every spring at MIT, Amos Winter, associate professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, co-teaches Course 2.007: Design and Manufacturing I. One of the most hands-on courses offered at MIT, … Read more Design problem: How to teach a hands-on course online

Professor Mom

Desiree Plata, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering, juggles science projects with her children at home, while leading PhD-level science projects with her MIT lab family via Zoom. Putting her heart into both, she encourages her children and her students to use resources they have on hand to inform their projects. “At some point, … Read more Professor Mom

Dissertation (Un)interrupted

Aidan Milliff, an MIT PhD student in international relations and security studies, had his work in India cut short by the Covid-19 pandemic and the need to return home to the United States. Here he discusses the challenges to finishing a dissertation in the midst of a pandemic, and the many people who helped get … Read more Dissertation (Un)interrupted

Stanford@Home: Talisman perform “Amazing Grace”

Members of Talisman are home this quarter because of the coronavirus epidemic, but that didn’t stop the a cappella group from coming together for a special performance of “Amazing Grace.” Students individually recorded their parts, which were then pieced together to form a cohesive ensemble. “Music is such a huge comfort to me and has … Read more Stanford@Home: Talisman perform “Amazing Grace”

Virtual Hug

As an MIT senior majoring in computer science, Ariel Levy was on course to graduate this spring alongside close friends. “I wouldn’t trade the 3.75 years I had for anything,” she tells them over Zoom, as they share a virtual hug and reminisce about a beautiful early spring day they shared just before leaving campus. … Read more Virtual Hug

Researchers develop a scalable ventilator for COVID-19

An interesting and important application of science and engineering has taken place, in the context of the global coronavirus pandemic, as researchers at Stanford and Utah Universities have joined forces to create an open source ventilator. Researchers at Stanford and Utah describe a rapidly scalable ventilator designed for COVID-19 patients with ARDS. The design philosophy … Read more Researchers develop a scalable ventilator for COVID-19

Stanford@Home: Steve Sano performs ‘Nocturne’

Professor of Music Steve Sano is using time at home (due to COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders) to compose and arrange new material for his next slack key guitar album. In this video, Sano performs ‘Nocturne’ using a Pepe Romero tenor guilele. The top of the custom instrument is made from scraps of Stanford’s Bing Concert Hall … Read more Stanford@Home: Steve Sano performs ‘Nocturne’

Power of a Poster

When 11-year-old Sienna Zhao found out her dad – MIT alum Steve Zhao MBA ’09 – was helping to organize donations for PPEs with MIT, she knew she wanted to help. Here, MIT’s Vice President for Communications, Alfred Ironside, chats with the budding artist about her poster, how it helped her father’s efforts, and how … Read more Power of a Poster

Spanning the distance: Maintaining a sense of community with John Dozier

The MIT community, in doing its part to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, is physically distancing like most of the world. Here, Tom Gearty, from MIT.nano, checks in with John H. Dozier, MIT’s new Institute Community and Equity Officer. Dozier began his post right before campus was largely evacuated, forcing him to return home to South … Read more Spanning the distance: Maintaining a sense of community with John Dozier