JME talks to Jeremy Corbyn in ‘potentially tragic’ effort to win over youth vote

Now, this is interesting. Theresa May’s snap UK General Election is coming up fast, on June 8 2017, and, if the mainstream media is to be believed, Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour Party associates should be bracing themselves for a pasting of epic proportions.

Or should they?

This video, released this week, shows Labours – potentially tragic – attempt to engage with the British Youth and encourage under 25s to register and vote… presumably for Labour.

What’s interesting is that JME is wearing a Russell Brand “Trews” T-Shirt. You remember Russell Brand from the 2015 General Election, right? That’s the one. The guy who told everyone “don’t bother voting” on Newsnight, before u-turning and shooting a tragic love-in with Ed “who he” Miliband, the then leader of the Labour Party who was about to get his arse handed to him in what was, then, a shock Conservative majority.

We all know what happened to Mr Miliband. He lost, massively, then slunk off with his tail between his legs.

So, yes, Corbyn is more of a socialist and less of a sociopath. But, he doesn’t really say anything here, does he? You might as well have stamped Healthcare & Education on every political campaign from any political movement. Ever.

Labour need to hunt out voters from wherever they can find them. The people who are already registered don’t change their minds. That said, there is a reason why first past the post British parliamentary politics doesn’t chime with youths like JME, who even admits in this video he has never voted. British people do not vote for Prime Minister (this is generally the Party leader of the Majority party). They don’t even vote for who will be in Government (the Queen chooses that, by convention, based upon which “party” has the “majority” of Members of Parliament).

So even if you love Jeremy Corbyn, you aren’t voting for him, unless you happen to live in his constituency. You are actually voting for your local Member of Parliament.

Without reform to this system, it will continue to fail to connect with ordinary voters, unless they happen to have an interest in the maintenance of the status quo. Under 25s don’t have this interest. Whichever way they vote will not make a difference. So they don’t vote. Regardless of whichever celebrity tells them it is hip so to do – or, in this case *cringe* “sick”.

The very existence of this election is a huge fuck you to everyone in the UK. The Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 was enacted in 2011. It dictated that Parliament should serve a five year term. Theresa May went against the spirit of this Act in the very next Parliament following this law’s assent.

Youth of Britain would be forgiven for thinking that Politicians say one thing, then do the exact opposite. In calling this election, Ms May’s Conservatives did exactly this.

And Jeremy Corbyn could have stopped it – the Act meant a high proportion (which certainly included a big chunk of his Labour MPs) were needed to make this election happen.

In 2016, May specifically said there would not be a general election, while at the same time flying kites (in the form of by-elections) to see which way the political winds were blowing. Once her focus groups realised UKIP was in the toilet entirely post-Brexit (Mr Farage’s political instincts told him to leap from that particular sinking ship early), and the Labour Party was still in disarray, it became absolutely imperative to them to force a General Election, as this way, they could dial back some concessions they made in 2015, and actually sell an even worse deal to the British public while picking up a monster majority in the process, all under the banner of strong and stable hard Brexit.

This was all very clear, and, one felt, surely Mr Corbyn had something up his sleeve if he was going to assent and thereby allow the snap election to actually become a reality.

Surely his great masterplan is more than just: get JME & co to rally the youth to the cause. One hopes there are many more rabbits in Mr Corbyn’s hat or he is about to go the way of Miliband, Clegg and Farage in a few weeks time.

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