Lecture 10: Navigation + TextField

The tenth lecture of Stanford’s Spring 2020 course CS193p is an immersive demo that illustrates a myriad of SwiftUI features, including TextFields, Forms, NavigationViews, Lists, sheets, popovers, Alerts, edit mode, and more. In particular, we start by adding a popover with a Form to our EmojiArt document that allows editing the emoji palette. The Grid from Memorize is brought over and revamped using advanced generics functionality to display the emoji in the palette editor. We then cover how to add multiple MVVM ViewModels to a single iOS application and navigate between those Views using NavigationViews and NavigationLinks. This allows the addition of an EmojiArtDocument store that allows users to keep track of multiple EmojiArtDocuments. We conclude by fixing some bugs and adding edit and delete functionality to the EmojiArtDocument store.

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