This International Nursing Student is Fighting Coronavirus

Bloomberg’s QuickTake channel posted this video of Janice, an international nursing student, who has devoted herself to fighting coronavirus in Chicago, USA.

Janice is a nursing assistant who’s helping fight the coronavirus pandemic in Chicago, U.S.

She’s an international student from Hong Kong.

“I’ve seen nurses cry in the break room because they are burnt out, because they are worried for themselves,” says Janice.

It’s not just affecting her job. Janice can’t visit her family. She’s worried she will overstay her visa and may not graduate on time.

“I am on student loan right now so if my graduation is postponed, that means I have to take out more loans.”

The governor of Illinois has ordered people to stay at home.

“Not being able to go to school. Not seeing my friends. Not seeing my family. All these negative emotions makes me want to cry. It’s very frightening to do self-quarantine alone. I am scared that I will fall into the loop of hopelessness and helplessness”

But Janice keeps going.

“I want to get up, make a to-do list for myself.”

Coronavirus hasn’t changed her goals.

“I definitely think the profession is very brave. That’s what I signed up for.
I will do whatever I can in my position as a nursing assistant to help take care of these sick people.”

QuickTake by Bloomberg YouTube Channel

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