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The Truth Behind: UFO’s on National Geographic

Flying saucers really do exist as seen on The Truth Behind on National Geographic channel

The Truth Behind: UFO‘s is a documentary for National Geographic following the various conspiracy theories and different pieces of evidence relating to UFOs from military innovations to suspected extra-terrestrial transportation.

No UFO documentary would be complete without a trip to the Nevada desert and so the filmmakers go straight to the heart of the UFO debate with an overnight vigil alongside UFO enthusiasts keeping an eye on Area 51. In addition, the documentary talks to skeptics, the man who made a real-life flying saucer and hoaxers who show how easy it is to manufacture one’s own unidentified flying object.

The producers of the show talk to Nick Redfern, a journalist and author who covers UFO stories, as well as delving into the archive footage of former government scientist, Bob Lazar, who claimed to have seen flying saucers at a government facility.

For those looking for anything close to a truly unexplained or semi-verified event, there is little in the way of genuinely exciting footage or records, though it is interesting to see the effective flying saucer that was built decades ago by an amateur enthusiast. One can only imagine what the US defense budget has now achieved….

The Truth Behind: UFOs will air on National Geographic channel at 9pm on 5th October for UK viewers only.

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