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“The Triangle” Brand New Mystery Begins on Saturday 17th September 2011

Director Craig R Baxley presents a mammoth sci-fi drama based on the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, where so many planes and ships have gone missing over the years – including those of Columbus. In a no-expenses paid trip, a team of experts are charged by shipping magnate Eric Benirall with finding his missing cargo.

In the mean time, a Greenpeace boat and a Japanese whaling ship are enveloped by the very force the team have been sent to investigate. The sole survivor, pilot Meeno Paloma, begins to experience a subtle shift in his history. As a result he questions his sanity after the accident and wonders whether he might have a brain injury.

Flash Forward and Lost present a series of mysteries and weird conundrums without any significant resolution but Triangle is the perfect storm – quite literally – providing both complex intrigue and an ending within three episodes. A must-see three part series with a gripping conclusion.

“The Triangle” episode 1 airs on FX on Saturday 17th September 2011 from 4pm – 5:50pm for UK viewers only.


Eric Benirall played by Sam Neill
Howard Thomas played by Eric Stoltz
Emily Patterson played by Catherine Bell
Bruce Geller played by Michael Rodgers
Stan Lathem played by Bruce Davison
Meeno Paloma played by Lou Diamond Phillips

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