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The Myth of Entitlements and Class Warfare

+Catholicos Scholarios-Gennadius III

As America struggles to extricate herself from the enormous accumulated debt that bought the country to a financial standstill and the threatening precipice of economic ruin, many of our most experienced senior legislators have surrendered their wisdom to the political power of newly elected junior legislators to create and support the myth of undeserved governmental assistance now infamously known as “Entitlements.”

According to these individuals and groups, such as the Tea Party, the true architects of America’s economic troubles was not companies such as AIG that misused taxpayer funds to pay large end of year financial bonuses. Rather, it was the average American who has loyally contributed to America’s tax base during their most productive years, thereby giving the country its global economic prowess and leading position on the world stage.

In order to shift the responsibility from those who have profited most from government support, this particular group of legislators has determined that only way of extracting America from her sink hole of debt is to reduce the level of earned services for seniors, retirees, disabled Americans and the vast population subsisting in poverty.

Most Americans are familiar with the AARP television commercial and advertisements questioning the ethics and wisdom of our legislators to punish the most vulnerable in order to protect the wealthiest Americans.  This would be accomplished by virtually “gutting” both Medicare and Social Security in a misguided effort to reduce America’s financial deficit. A deficit that, according to their theory, was not caused by Wall Street, but by Main Street retirees and pensioners.

Based upon this battle strategy, pseudo-stalwart American legislators such as John Boehner (R) Ohio and Eric Cantor (R) Virginia have unconscionably mislabeled President Obama’s job creation and economic recovery plans as a form of class warfare.  Additionally, these legislators have publicized the myth that our elderly and retiree populations believe that they are “entitled” to government assistance not because they have earned it, but as an undeserving “special interest” group that unapologetically suck the life blood from the economy through “Entitlements.”   These Americans do not believe they are “entitled” to anything and this term as characterized by Representative Boehner and Cantor has become a pejorative myth fomented by these great Americans to mask the continued fleecing of middle class and elderly Americans to the benefit of the most well to do.

The myth is that these well deserving and contributing Americans have pitted the dredges of American society against the “more” deserving wealthy Americans who pay virtually no taxes in order to fund the many undeserving “Entitlements” that are simply elements of a much needed safety net to prevent those who are existing on the “margins” of society from falling even further into poverty and the medical morass of the non-representative health care system.

The question, therefore, is whether these Americans are truly robbing the rich to serve the poor?  Or are the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer?  Which class is at war with whom?  Is this what our representatives were elected to accomplish, pitting one group of Americans against another, according to Representative Cantor?  The true myth is that many wealthy Americans require continued government support in the form of ongoing tax cuts, shelters and loopholes in order to survive this unbridled class warfare.  Is this Representative Boehner and Cantor’s version of being one’s brother’s keepers?

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