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The Maloof Money Cup New York 2011: Semi Final Results

10,000 people turned out to the Maloof Money Cup semi-finals in New York on Saturday 4th June 2011. The competition took place at Meadows-Corona Park in Queens. NY Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez was present alongside U-CONN Point Guard Kemba Walker.

The results of the semi final of the 2011 Maloof Money Cup New York are as follows:

  1. Collin Provost 257.00
  2. Ryan Decenzo 255.67
  3. Greg Lutzka 255.00
  4. Justin Figueroa 248.66
  5. Nick Merlino 247.00
  6. Jackson Curtin 245.00
  7. Andrew Reynolds 243.00
  8. Dennis Busenitz 238.67
  9. Cory Kennedy 236.67
  10. Sierra Fellers 236.33
  11. Manny Santiago 235.34
  12. Eli Reed 225.00

The top 12 skaters will advance to the Pro Street Finals held on Sunday 5th June at 16:00 (EDT) – preceded by the vitaminwater Am Open at 11:00 (EDT).

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