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The Hungry Sailors on ITV – “Mouth-Watering British Cuisine”

Image © ITV

Fresh as a still-wriggling sea trout, The Hungry Sailors is the latest show to come from the production team behind Rick Stein’s highly successful range of televisual culinary escapades.

The show features Celebrity Masterchef finalist (as well as engineer and smallholder) Dick Strawbridge and his son James, chronicling their journeys around the coastal towns of Great Britain to showcase the delightful food and produce available.

Sporting a moustache that looks as if it was built by Brunel himself, Dick and his son flitter from busy ports to serene harbours in their pilot cutter the Amelie Rose as they sample and create all manner of mouth-watering British cuisine from pasties to pies, soups to sundaes.

Not only do our daring duo show us the gastronomic wonders  (and delectable beverages) on offer around the fringes of the island nation, they meet the people that populate these dwellings and find out what makes these places so special and unique.

The show has an enjoyably natural chemistry and also boasts some delightful photography showcasing the very best of the UK’s stunning shoreline.

The Hungry Sailors will air at 4pm on weekdays from Monday 16th January for UK audiences only.

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  1. brilliant series.loved going from coast to coast!liked the recipes.and the different ways to prepare them!also the cammaradie shared between father and son! series has finished now. really hoping that they come back soon….

  2. Very entertaining series – I missed the first few as I don’t have time to be watching telly at four in the afternoon. Pity it can’t be shown at a later hour as it’s informative and amusing and I shall be doing the breast of lamb recipe. Too many other cooking shows have expensive ingredients or all this lovely fresh food I can’t get here in Suffolk as I only have Tesco’s!

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