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“The Booth at the End” Episode 1 on FX, 11th April 2011 at Midnight

A new series starts for UK viewers of FX this April. “The Booth at the End” is a psychological drama more akin to a play than a TV show.

A series of strangers approach a man in an American diner and ask for help with their problems. In a strange twist of words and deal-doing, the man explains what tasks they must undertake to get what they want.

The catch? They can stop at any time, but if they continue, they must give the full details to the man in the diner with the book of notes.

The show is supposed to explore the lengths that ordinary people will go to in order to achieve their aims – both selfish and altruistic.

Is the man a representative of the Devil? If so, the Faustian plot taps into a rich seam of soul-selling storytelling going back hundreds of years and which more recently includes films such as The Devil’s Advocate, Angel Heart and Bedazzled.

Think The Twilight Zone meets Doctor Faustus in a modern environment.

“The Booth at the End” Episode 1 shows on FX on 11th April 2011 at Midnight in the UK.


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