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The Andy McNab Gift List 2010

Andy McNab’s latest gung-ho title, Zero Hour, has been released, and in it there’s a great deal of new technology. Gone are the days when a squaddie could just rely on a leatherman and a bayonet to keep him going. McNab’s character, Nick Stone, has gone bling.

From humble roots in East London, the enterprising black ops agent has come into some serious money, and has gone out to spend it. Not only that, but GCHQ sees fit to kit the soldier out with cutting-edge technology in a novel packed full of the latest defence and social gadgetry.

Zero Hour forms the most definitive gift guide for masculine men everywhere. The book sees the former SAS soldier get through the following toys:

  1. G-Shock Watch
  2. Blackberry
  3. iPod earphones
  4. Nikon digital camera
  5. Sony notebook
  6. USB Satellite Dish
  7. Bath with integrated TV
  8. Photochromatic windows
  9. Coffee machine
  10. Porsche 911
  11. Bvlgari perfume for the girlfriend

Not only does the character of Nick Stone use all of the mod cons listed above, but the green beret sets himself up with a penthouse apartment in the Docklands, bags a Chelsea season ticket and helps himself to a free Rigid Inflatable Boat.

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