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Telstar 14R/Estrela do Sul 2 Satellite Reaches Orbit

The launch of the Telstar 14R on a Proton Launch System

The Telstar 14R/Estrela do Sul 2 Satellite reached orbit on 21st May 2011 after a launch from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

An International Launch Services (ILS) Proton Breeze M launch vehicle carried the satellite into geostationery transfer orbit, where it will provide mobile broadband facilities for part of central and North America as well as the mid-Atlantic Ocean.

President and CEO of Telesat, Dan Goldberg said:

“Telstar 14R/Estrela do Sul 2 is an important satellite for our customers operating in the Americas and the North Atlantic Ocean, regions where demand for high-powered Ku-band capacity continues to grow. I am extremely grateful for the expertise, professionalism and teamwork of Telesat, ILS, Khrunichev, and Space Systems/Loral that resulted in a successful launch of our newest satellite well ahead of schedule.”

Since 1996, ILS has contracted 65 successful space launches on the Proton. ILS is a US company based in Virginia. The majority of its shares are held by Khrunichev, a Russian Federal State Unitary Enterprise, which provides development, manufacturing and launch services to the space industry.

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